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Why Cast Steel Grits Treats Workpiece Surface Slowly?

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  The main parameters affecting cast steel grits are abrasive type, abrasive particle size, abrasive concentration, injection distance, injection angle, injection time, compressed air pressure, etc.

  The common process parameters of cast steel grits are the acceleration effect of compressed air on jet flow (P), the type of abrasive (S), the distance (H) of the gun and the angle (θ).

  1. The Effect of Pressure Adjustment on Surface Result

  After setting S, H and θ, the larger the P value, the higher the velocity of jet flow, the higher the G40 Cast Steel Grit From Reaguan efficiency, the rougher the surface of the workpiece, on the contrary, the smoother the surface is.

  2. The influence of the distance and angle of the spray gun on the surface result

  After setting P and S values, this is the key of manual sand blasting technology. The distance between the spray gun and the workpiece is generally 50-150 mm. The farther the spray gun is from the workpiece, the lower the efficiency of jet flow and the smoother the workpiece surface are. The smaller the angle between the gun and the workpiece is, the lower the efficiency of the jet flow and the smoother the workpiece surface is.

  3. The influence of abrasive type on surface results. Abrasives are classified into spherical and diamond abrasives according to particle state. Diamond abrasives are usually used in cast steel grits. Glass beads are spherical abrasives.

  After setting the P, H and θ values, the surface obtained by spherical abrasive blasting is smoother, while the surface obtained by rhombic abrasive is relatively rough, and the same kind of cast steel grits is divided into roughness and fineness. In China, according to the number of screen mesh, the roughness of abrasive is generally called number number. The higher the number of screen mesh, the smaller the particle size. After setting the P, H and theta values, the higher the number of the same abrasive blasting number, the obtained. The smoother the surface is.

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