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Production process of cast steel shots hardness

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  Products with different particle size and hardness are used in different processes, such as surface strengthening. The sand blasting can remove all the dirt on the surface of the work piece, such as the rust on the surface of the work piece.

  The S170 Cast Steel Shots can establish a very important basic schema on the surface of the work piece. Moreover, the abrasive with different particle size can be exchanged to achieve different roughness and greatly improve the binding force between the work piece and the coating and the plating material. Cast steel shots is used for steel plate pretreatment, generally used for rust removal before coating.

  There are many kinds of cast steel shots. Different cast steel shots need different materials and equipment.Cast steel shots production, there are also related production lines and equipment, can be purchased directly.

  There are many places that need cast steel shots, such as casting, forging, parts list after machining, parts list after heat treatment, etc., which can be sold to those related places, such as general manufacturing industry, ship manufacturing, etc., and general heavy industry will need more or less.

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