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How to distinguish the quality of cast steel grits

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  Cast steel grits is the most ideal material among industrial abrasives, performance and price.

  Production standard of cast steel grits: in strict accordance with the national standard "GB / t18838.3-2008 high carbon cast steel shot and grit", American Cast Steel Association "sfsa20-66 cast steel abrasive standard", American Society of Automotive Engineers "SAE j827 cast steel shot standard", the people's Republic of China ferrous metallurgy industry "Yb / t5149-93 cast steel shot", American military standard "mil-s-851 metal grit and shot for cleaning and strengthening" and the national standard International Organization for standardization "iso11124-3 standard for high carbon cast steel shot casting steel grit" to produce.

  For the workpiece to be processed, the G12 Cast Steel Grits has the characteristics of moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, and can be used repeatedly for several times. The steel grit product has long service life, good anti elasticity, strong adhesion, fast cleaning speed, low sand consumption, non crushing, large brightness of cleaning workpiece, and good technical effect. The cleanliness of the metal surface treated by the product can reach international standards, which is effective in industry The best product.

  There are many specifications of cast steel grits. Different specifications have a long service life for processing different parts. It plays a different role. High quality cast steel grits products, when processing the workpiece, can effectively act on the surface of the workpiece, quickly play the effect of cleaning the surface, the surface quality of the processed workpiece is good, and can be used for a long time.

  To choose the quality of cast steel grits, we should compare the hardness, physical characteristics and specifications of the products. Good products have a higher service life. When used, it can create more value.

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