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Analysis of cut wire shot on the cleaning effect

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  The cut wire shot is the main consumable in the process of shot blasting. The wear of high-quality 0.6mm Cut Wire Shot is a gradual process. After being accelerated by the shot blasting machine, the cut wire shot impacts the surface of the workpiece. Without a single impact, the cut wire shot will deform once and fall off a layer of metal. The shape of the cut wire shot is similar to a football. It is a polygon, and the impact effect of each direction on the casting is equal After many times of impact, the cut wire shot is constantly smaller. When it is smaller to a certain extent, it will be absorbed by the dust remover or separated by the cut wire shot separation device.

  Shot blasting separator is the brain of shot blasting machine. This metaphor shows its importance in the whole set of shot blasting equipment. In the working process of shot blasting machine, the working performance of shot blasting separator will directly affect the cleaning efficiency and cleaning cost. The work of shot and sand separation is to separate the impurity sand knocked out from the casting and the cut wire shot that has been ground very small or broken from the normal cut wire shot, so as to ensure the cleaning efficiency and reduce the wear of the shot blasting machine. Cut wire shot is the main cause of equipment wear when the shot blasting machine is working. According to statistics, the life of vulnerable parts will be reduced by half every 2% increase of cut wire shot.

  The roughness of the casting surface after shot blasting is closely related to the strength of cut wire shot and the speed of shot blasting. The larger the grain size of cut wire shot, the higher the roughness of the workpiece surface, the faster the shot blasting speed, the higher the roughness of the workpiece surface. The surface roughness of the shot mixed with multiple grain sizes is lower than that of the shot with single grain size. If you have any questions about the purchase and use of steel shot, please call us. We are more professional for cut wire shot.

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