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Method of selecting cut wire shot

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  1、Cut wire shot appearance identification:

  The standard cut wire shot has a certain brightness when it is dark gray, which makes people feel gray but not dim. This kind of cut wire shot makes people look more "mature". If it is not, the quality of the cut wire shot is worse.

  2、Hardness identification of cut wire shot:

  The hardness property of the cut wire shot determines the service life of the cut wire shot. The hardness of the cut wire shot is directly proportional to the cleaning speed. The higher the hardness is, the faster the cleaning speed is. The consumption of the cut wire shot will be hit, and the shorter the service life will be. The manufacturing process of the cut wire shot determines the size of the cut wire shot. The larger the diameter is, the higher the surface roughness of the cleaned 0.5mm Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot will be, but the working efficiency is also very high, and the wear compared with the cut wire shot is also relatively high Big.

  3、Cut wire shot fatigue life:

  Fatigue life is the ability of cut wire shot to resist crushing when it acts on the working surface. Abrasives with the longest fatigue life will be the most economical abrasives, if it can convert the appropriate energy into cleaning. No matter which application field, the quality of cut wire shot is the key to effective operation. It determines whether the energy can be effectively converted in the use process, plays the role of cleaning and strengthening, and also determines the level of your processing cost.

  4、Identification of hollow cut wire shot:

  According to the density, first calculate the density of the common cut wire shot, then measure the mass and volume of the cut wire shot for density comparison, if it is smaller than the cut wire shot, it is empty.

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