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Main technical requirements of high carbon cast Steel shot

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  Specification grade: S400 ~ s030;

  Microhardness: 390hv-530hv;

  Chemical composition: carbon: 0.8% - 1.2%, manganese: 0.35% - 1.2%, silicon: ≥ 0.4%, sulfur, phosphorus: ≥ 0.05%;

  Microstructure: tempered martensite or tempered troostite;

  Density ≥ 7.0g/cm3;

  Total defects ≤ 20%;

  Foreign impurities ≤ 1%;

  Water content ≤ 0.2%.

  The original standard GB6484-86 cast steel shot was abolished in 1993. After annealed, the surface color of tempered iron shot is uniform blue. Tempered iron shot is often used as cast steel shot. The service life of iron shot is only 50-400 times. The rust removal effect of iron shot is seriously reduced and the interests of users are seriously damaged. Chromium molybdenum cast steel shot and manganese cast steel shot in other markets are the concept propaganda words of manufacturers, because if 1% of metal molybdenum is added, 10kg of metal molybdenum will be added per steel shot ton, which will cost 4000 yuan, while the domestic iron shot is only sold at about 3000 yuan / ton.

  Metallographic structure: tempered martensite tempered troostite network carbide > grade 3

  Hardness: 45-65hrc

  Density: 7.58g/cm3

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