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Cut wire shot with moderate hardness can greatly reduce the cost

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  In practical work, the hardness of cut wire shot is directly proportional to the speed of cleaning the workpiece. The greater the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed. The corresponding consumption will be very large, and the service life will be greatly shortened. Considering the economic benefits, the cut wire shot with moderate hardness is selected to treat the workpiece.

  The cut wire shot with moderate hardness and excellent elasticity can reach every place in the cleaning room and reduce the cost. It is also widely used in foundry industry, when the workpiece is taken out of the mold, it is used to remove the sand on the surface of the workpiece. The cost can be reduced by choosing cut wire shot with moderate hardness. When used with the right equipment, cut wire shot is definitely your best choice for surface cleaning because of its durability. Its manufacturing process first melts high-quality steel blocks, and then uses high-pressure water jet to make molten steel form particles. The formed pellets are reheated to purify and homogenize, and then quenched. Because the surface color of tempered iron shot is uniform and blue after annealing, the tempered iron shot is often used as cast steel shot, and the service life of iron shot is only 50-400 times. The rust removal effect of iron shot is seriously reduced, the cost is greatly increased, and the personal interests of consumers are damaged!

  The larger the diameter, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the work efficiency is also improved accordingly; the irregular shape of steel grit or steel wire cutting shot cleaning efficiency is higher than that of spherical shot, but the surface roughness is also high; the high cleaning efficiency of the bullet on the equipment wear is also faster

  In the selection of cut wire shot, attention should be paid to the following issues: the determination of steel shot mainly depends on the type of your work piece, aluminum shot or stainless steel shot is generally used for non-ferrous metals; cut wire shot is selected for ordinary steel weldment, casting, steel, etc.; it is only calculated by the service time, but compared with the production efficiency, the wear loss is not fast; the hardness of the cut wire shot is directly proportional to the cleaning speed, but inversely proportional to the service life 。

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