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Change of properties of cast steel grit after high temperature treatment

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  The cast steel grit is made of selected raw material scrap, added with rare metals and the best proportion of alloy. It is melted in electric furnace and transformed into steel particles by modern equipment. After many times of electrothermal treatment and automatic screening, the chemical composition and particle size of steel sand are strictly controlled in the process of liquid metal forming steel particles, so as to ensure its mechanical properties meet various uses. Every production link has the most strict quality management, the production of cast steel grit internal organization is tight, not easy to break, particle size distribution is uniform, with appropriate hardness, strong impact resistance, long life.

  Alloy cast steel grit is a kind of energy-saving and pollution-free product, which is directly quenched with forged bearing steel and then crushed into cast steel grit. There is no smelting process in the manufacturing process, and there are no casting defects. It is an energy-saving and pollution-free product. The traditional steel sand follows the procedure of "making cast steel grit must be shot first", which must be melted. It has many casting defects and is a product with high energy consumption and high pollution in the manufacturing process. The microstructure of alloy cast steel grit is forged state, with high mechanical properties, angular shape and extremely sharp, while the cast steel grit is as cast with spherical arc surface, which has low efficiency and consumption much higher than that of alloy cast steel grit.

  According to the combustion requirements of cast steel grit, the fineness of pulverized coal is 8%. Since it was put into operation, the fineness of pulverized coal has been coarser and the pulverizing output is low. As a result, when the coal quality is poor, the pulverized coal quantity can not meet the demand of boiler load, which affects the safety and economy of the boiler. However, the fluctuation of coal fineness is large, which often fails to meet the design requirements and also affects the safe operation. If the smaller cast steel grit is replaced, the fineness of pulverized coal can meet the requirements. The fineness of pulverized coal can be greatly improved by replacing the original 60mm steel ball with 40mm cast steel grit, and the pulverizing capacity is also increased. The wear resistance of cast steel grit made of wear-resistant materials is generally higher than that of high manganese cast steel grit, and the wear loss is about 1 / 3 of that of high manganese cast steel grit. Therefore, the wear rate of cast steel grit with smaller diameter is not as large as that of high manganese cast steel grit, and the times of adding cast steel grit are reduced. Edge angle cast steel grit and arc shaped cast steel grit are made of selected raw materials, added with the best proportion of alloy, melted in electric furnace, and then converted into steel particles. In the process of liquid metal forming steel particles, its chemical composition and particle size are strictly controlled to ensure that its mechanical properties meet the requirements of various uses of cast steel grit. After high temperature heat treatment, the steel particles are broken into cast steel grit, and finally the sand of various specifications is screened out by the automatic screening system.

  Silicon carbide is also called cast steel grit or refractory grit. Silicon carbide is made of quartz grit, petroleum coke, sawdust and other raw materials by high temperature smelting in the resistance furnace. At present, silicon carbide produced in China is divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, both of which are hexagonal crystals with specific gravity of 3.20-3.25 and microhardness of 2840-3320kg / mm2. The crushing resistance and wear resistance of metal abrasives, i.e. service life, are related to hardness, microstructure and density.

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