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The raw material of cast steel grit is high carbon steel or alloy steel scrap

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  There is a process of directly using scrap to prepare cast steel grit

  1. Put the scrap material made of high carbon steel or alloy steel into the quenching device for heating and quenching treatment;

  2. Put the steel scrap after heating and quenching into the crusher for crushing to obtain semi-finished cast steel grit products;

  3. Screen and classify the semi-finished products of cast steel grit to prepare finished cast steel grit. The steel sand production method of the invention reduces the smelting and pelleting process of scrap steel which must be cast into steel shot in the traditional steel sand production process, and greatly saves the production cost.

  Properties of cast steel grit: high quality alloy steel wire with high density, few defects, good metallographic structure, superior mechanical properties and functions, good toughness, anti crushing and anti fatigue properties, high reuse rate and low consumption.

  Production process of cast steel grit: electric furnace smelting → centrifugal granulation → drying furnace → quenching furnace → drying furnace → coarse screening → tempering furnace → cooling → circle selection → fine screening → finished product warehouse → packaging.

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