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How to use cut wire shot in stone treatment

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  Cut wire shot blasting has the advantages of high efficiency and low production cost; at the same time, we can choose different grains of cut wire shot according to the different needs according to the surface roughness of the stone; the shot blasting process for stone surface treatment It is mainly made of nickel-cadmium alloy, so it will not cause rust spots on the stone surface caused by ordinary cut wire shot; the production process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

  The latest shot blasting technology using cut wire shots has replaced the previous quartz sandblasting, and the amount of dust has been reduced. To the lowest level. Cut wire shots can be recycled for reuse; the processing quality of products treated with cut wire shots is stable, because the same standard cut wire shots are used, and the shot blasting process will be automatically controlled, and the lines on the surface of the workpiece will be cleaned evenly.

  Cut wire shot is a cutting tool for grinding. It is a porous object made of many small and hard abrasive grains and bonding agents. The abrasive grains are directly responsible for the cutting work. Because the thickness of the cut wire shot is different, the surface roughness and processing efficiency of the workpiece after processing are different. The coarser abrasive particles are used for rough grinding, and the smaller abrasive particles are suitable for fine grinding. The coarser the abrasive. The smaller the particle size. Low-hardness cut wire shots are suitable for grinding workpieces with high hardness. Cut wire shots work under high-speed conditions.

  In order to ensure safety, they should be inspected before installation and there should be no defects such as cracks; in order to make the cut wire shot work smoothly, it should be carried out before use Dynamic balance test. After the cut wire shot works for a certain period of time, its surface voids will be blocked by abrasive debris, the sharp angle of the abrasive will be blunt, and the original geometric shape will be distorted. Therefore, it must be trimmed to restore cutting ability and correct geometry. The cut wire shot needs to be trimmed with a steel shot pen.

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