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Application of cast steel grits in concrete field

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  In recent years, steel shot and cast steel grits are different from each other in wear-resistant materials, which occupy the wear-resistant market rapidly with the advantages of high wear resistance. The cast steel grits has the characteristics of moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, repeated use for several times, long service life, good anti elasticity, strong adhesion, fast cleaning speed, low sand consumption, no crushing, large brightness of cleaning workpiece, good technical effect, etc., and it is widely used.

  Cast steel grits in concrete is often made into wear-resistant floor to use, and more used in heavy friction, easy to damage, high impact site. This also shows that its wear resistance is very good.

  In the construction of cement industry, cast steel grits is often used to make funnel, silo and other wear-resistant layer; in the base and civil buildings, it is used to make wear-resistant floor such as stair tread and anti-skid strip, underground garage and parking lot; in addition, it is used to make wear-resistant floor engineering by adding reinforcement in concrete.

  I believe that with the passage of time, more advantages and characteristics of cast steel grits will be explored, so as to apply to more industries.

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