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Classification of cast steel shot by hardness

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  There are many categories of cast steel shot, you must distinguish clearly and make reasonable use of it when you use it. The specific split can be distinguished from hardness. The following is the specific distinction, please understand in detail.

  Cast steel shot is a kind of ideal abrasive products, in many casting sand cleaning treatment, the use of cast steel shot cleaning effect is good, cast steel shot is also widely used in steel parts before coating to remove oxide scale and rust treatment.

  There are many kinds of cast steel shot. According to the hardness of cast steel shot, cast steel shot can be divided into cast steel shot, cast iron shot and glass shot. Cast steel shot with different hardness has different uses.

  The hardness of iron and cast steel shot is generally hrc40 ~ 50. The hardness can be increased to hrc57 ~ 62 by processing some relatively hard metals. Their toughness is good, and their service life is several times of that of cast iron shot.

  The hardness of cast steel shot is hrc58 ~ 65. This kind of cast steel shot has high hardness, is very brittle in refrigeration, is very easy to break, and has short service life. It is not widely used. It is mainly used in places requiring high shot peening strength.

  The hardness of glass shot is lower than that of the former two kinds of hardness. It is mainly used in stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and other situations where iron pollution is not allowed. It can also be used in the second treatment after shot peening to remove iron pollution and reduce the surface roughness of parts.

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