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How to select high quality cut wire shot

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  The characteristics of high quality cut wire shot are as follows:

  1. High quality cut wire shot has the characteristics of moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance and can be used repeatedly for several times.

  2. It has long service life, good anti elasticity, strong adhesion, fast cleaning speed, low sand consumption, no breakage, large brightness of cleaning workpiece, high efficient effect on workpiece surface, fast cleaning effect, good surface quality and long-term use.

  3. The cleanliness of metal surface treated by cut wire shot can reach the international standard.

  Customers who use shot blasting machine want to find suitable cut wire shot. Choosing good quality cut wire shot can not only improve the service life of shot blasting machine and its damaged parts, but also improve the surface quality of products. Generally speaking, the type and size of cut wire shot depends on the workpiece you want to clean.

  Aluminum or stainless cut wire shots are generally used as non-ferrous metals; Common steel and its weldments, castings, steel, etc. are made of cut wire shot; The larger the diameter of the cut wire shot, the higher the surface roughness, but the higher the cleaning efficiency; The cleaning efficiency of irregular shaped steel sand or steel wire shot is higher than that of spherical shot, but the surface roughness is also higher; The bullet with high cleaning efficiency also wears the equipment fast, which is only calculated by using time, but compared with the production efficiency, the wear is not fast.

  The hardness is directly proportional to the cleaning speed, but inversely proportional to the service life. Therefore, the hardness is high, the cleaning speed is fast, but the service life is short, the consumption is large, so the hardness should be moderate (about HRC40-50 is appropriate) and the use effect is best.

  Moderate hardness, excellent rebound, so that the cut wire shot can reach every place in the cleaning room, reduce the processing time.

  Internal defects such as air hole cracking and shrinkage cavity can affect the service life and increase the consumption.

  When the density is more than 7.4g/cc, the internal defects tend to be minimum.

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