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Conditions of hardness for cast steel shot surface cleaning

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  There are many kinds of cast steel shot. Different cast steel shot needs different raw materials and equipment. Production of cast steel shot, there are also related production lines and equipment, can be purchased directly. There are many places where cast steel shots are needed, such as castings, forgings, surface treatment of parts after machining, surface treatment of parts after heat treatment, etc. they can be sold to these related places, such as general manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc. general heavy industry will have some demand.

  Advanced casting technology and equipment: international advanced anhydrous production technology is adopted, that is, completely dry resin sand is applied on the metal film to completely eliminate casting defects such as pores and slag inclusion caused by water glass moisture, so that the product quality has a qualitative leap; Moreover, the ratio of iron to carbon is improved to meet the requirements of quenching.

  Cast steel shot is also widely used in the casting industry. When the workpiece is taken out of the mold, the sand on the surface of the workpiece is removed with steel shot. When cast steel shot is used with suitable equipment, because it is durable, it is definitely the best abrasive for your surface cleaning. The manufacturing process of cast steel shot is as follows: first melt high-quality steel block, then spray high-pressure water to make molten steel form particles, reheat the formed shot body to purify evenly, and then quench. Because the surface color of tempered iron shot is even blue after annealing, it is often used as cast steel shot. The service life of iron shot is only 50-400 times. The rust removal effect of iron shot is seriously reduced and the interests of users are seriously damaged.

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