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Precautions on how to recycle cast steel shot

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  Proper recycling of cast steel shot can reduce our cost rate. Cast steel shot is widely used and the price is reasonable, so it is loved by many manufacturers. It is used in various fields, but many manufacturers use it once. It is considered that the cast steel shot has been damaged and has no use value. It is discarded as garbage, which leads to a great waste of resources. In fact, the used cast steel shot is still valuable, and the used cast steel shot can continue to be used after secondary treatment.

  The cast steel shot is polluted due to repeated recycling, and impurities will be mixed in the cast steel shot, affecting its continued use. Then it is necessary to self clean the cast steel shot. The impurities mixed in cast steel shot can be divided into solid impurities and non soluble salts. Different treatment methods should be adopted for the two objects.

  1. Solid impurities are self cleaned by air in a clear manner. During the recovery cycle, the cast steel shot can be recovered by the automatic sand absorption separator, which can remove most of the large impurities and more than one-third of the dust, and the solid impurities can be removed during entering the sand storage bucket through the abrasive screening machine.

  2. The soluble salt in the cast steel shot can be removed by regular water cleaning. At the same time, it can be used in rotation between cast steel shot for different purposes in recycling.

  If we want to recycle the cast steel shot, we need to clean it. Only in this way can we make better use of the cast steel shot. Through the above introduction, the formation process of cast steel shot and matters needing attention in recycling are explained, hoping to help you better understand the cast steel shot and correctly select the cast steel shot and steel grit suitable for your own castings.

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