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Four extraction methods of cast steel shot

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  1. Centrifugation

  The liquid steel flows to the special throwing plate with a series of small holes around the high-speed rotation. The liquid flies out of the throwing plate and falls into the water under the action of centrifugal force. The cast steel shot produced by centrifugal method has a higher shot forming rate than that by water jet method, which greatly reduces the proportion of hollow shot.

  2. Roller method

  Pour the liquid metal onto the rotating drum, causing the liquid metal to splash, and then fall into the water to form a pill. However, due to the poor shot forming rate of steel shot particles prepared by this method, cast steel shot has been eliminated.

  3. Water jet impact method

  The liquid metal is dispersed by water jet and falls into water for cooling and solidification, and finally becomes a pellet. The disadvantage of this preparation method is that it has a large hollow rate and is easy to form special-shaped pellets. By changing the cross-sectional shape of the nozzle, the water jet flow and pressure can be controlled, and the shot forming rate can be effectively improved.

  4. Rotary cone centrifugal atomization method

  The combination of water jet method and centrifugal method, the molten steel is passed through certain equipment to form a metal liquid film on the surface of the rotating cone, and then atomized into fine droplets and thrown out under the action of centrifugal force and surface tension; At the same time, the cooling medium is sprayed along the position perpendicular to the moving direction of the droplet, so that the droplet can be rapidly granulated. The prepared cast steel shot has good quality and comprehensive mechanical properties.

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