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Raw materials and application of cast steel grits

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  Cast steel grits is one of the best metal abrasives. Cast steel grits is mainly used for sand cleaning of large and medium-sized castings, oxide scale removal of forged parts and heat treated parts, rust removal and surface strengthening of steel plates, section steels and steel components.

  Cast steel grits is crushed from high carbon cast steel shot into sand particles, and then tempered into three hardness (GH, GL, GP) to meet different needs. The treated steel sand is sorted into 10 grades conforming to SAE standards by screen to meet the needs of sand blasting. Cast steel grits of different sizes and hardness are used in different situations, such as drum engraving, granite cutting, etc. The raw material of cast steel grit is scrap of high carbon steel or alloy steel. Application scope of cast steel grits:

  1. As metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

  2. It can also do polishing and grinding of hardware, glass, gemstones, jade and so on.

  Silicon carbide has four main application fields, namely: functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. At present, there is a large supply of silicon carbide coarse materials, which can not be regarded as high-tech products, and the application of nano silicon carbide powder with high technical content can not form economies of scale in a short time.

  3. As abrasive, it can be used as abrasive tools, such as grinding wheel, oilstone, grinding head, grit tile, etc.

  4. High purity single crystal can be used to manufacture semiconductors and silicon carbide fibers.

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