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What are the selection criteria for cut wire shot in processing workpiece

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  There are many types and specifications of cut wire shot for processing workpieces. How can we determine which kind of cut wire shot to use?

  The standard of cut wire shot selection mainly depends on the workpiece you want to clean. Aluminum shot or stainless cut wire shot is generally used for non-ferrous metals. Cut wire shot shall be selected for ordinary steel weldments, castings and steels. The larger the cut wire shot diameter, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the cleaning efficiency is also high; Moreover, the cleaning efficiency of cut wire shot with irregular shape is higher than that of spherical shot, but the surface roughness is also high.

  When selecting the particle size of cut wire shot, on the premise of meeting the requirements of surface roughness,cut wire shot shall be selected as far as possible to improve the cleaning efficiency.

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