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What is the effect of cast steel shot peening on the surface roughness of the wo

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  Select reasonable shot diameter and shot peening pressure; After shot peening with large diameter cast steel shot, better surface roughness can be achieved by covering with small cast steel shot at low pressure once. The surface of parts after shot peening shall be slightly polished, and the removal amount of metal on the surface shall be controlled during polishing. In this way, the strengthening effect of shot peening is not damaged, and the surface roughness can be improved.

  Strengthening shot peening with cast steel shot will cause plastic deformation of the sprayed surface of parts and change the surface roughness of parts. Surface roughness is a kind of micro geometric error, also known as micro unevenness. Surface roughness, like surface waviness and shape error, belongs to the geometric error of parts. Surface roughness has an important impact on the service performance of machine parts.

  The influence of cast steel shot peening on material surface roughness is usually in the range of ra0.6 ~ 20mm. Without changing the process parameters, the higher the original surface roughness of the material, the greater the Ra value after shot peening. Production practice has proved that generally, if the surface roughness before cast steel shot is less than 6.3mm, shot peening can improve or maintain the original surface roughness. If the original surface roughness is more than 6.3mm, the surface roughness after cast steel shot will be reduced.

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