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Shot blasting cleaning

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  Shot blasting cleaning is to use the centrifugal force of the impeller on the polishing head of the shot blasting machine when rotating at high speed to shoot the abrasive at a very high linear speed to the treated steel surface, produce impact and grinding, remove the oxide skin and rust on the cut wire shot surface, and produce a certain roughness. Shot blasting is highly efficient and can be carried out in a sealed environment. Cut wire shot is widely used in workshop steel pretreatment line. Shot blasting is used to spray clean section steel and steel plate, railway vehicles, containers and other assembled structures in the workshop.

  Advantages of cut wire shot blasting

  Shot blasting is carried out under sealed conditions, with dust suction device and automatic painting. It is an automatic assembly line operation with high efficiency. Its advantages are:

  1. The specified derusting level can be cleaned according to the purpose of steel, and a uniform finished surface can be obtained;

  2. Closed operation, no dust flying;

  3. Applicable to steel plate above 5mm, wide flat steel and section steel;

  4. Fast speed, high work efficiency and stable quality.

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