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How to protect cast steel shots equipment

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  When the cast steel shot equipment is put into production after device commissioning, it is necessary to strictly follow its necessary protection procedures.

  It is necessary to fill all oil filling points of cast steel shot equipment with engine oil, lubricating oil or grease regularly according to the requirements of their parts. It is necessary to check the seals every day and replace them immediately if they are damaged. Check the protective board of the chamber every day and replace cast steel shot immediately if it is damaged. Inspect the guard plate, blade, impeller, directional sleeve and shot dividing wheel of shot blasting device twice per shift, and replace them immediately in case of damage.

  As an intermediate link or final process in the production process of steel shot mold, the cracking, deformation out of tolerance and function out of tolerance formed by heat treatment will invalidate the mold in most cases. Even after repair, cast steel shot can still be used continuously. It will also add man hours, extend the delivery time and improve the manufacturing cost of the mold. Spraying is to use compressed air as power to spray sand or shot onto the material surface to achieve eradication and certain roughness.

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