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Cast Steel Grits G16

Cast Steel Grits G16
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Product  name Cast Steel Grits G16
Chemical compostion C 0.70~ 1.20%
MN 0.35~1.20%
SI 0.40%
S 0.05%
P 0.05%
Hardness GP 42-52 HRC
GL 53-60 HRC
GH 60-64HRC
Durability : 2000- 2800 Times
Density: 7.6g/ cm³
Bulk Density :4.2 g / cm³
Cast Steel Grits G16 application
They are apply to the rust removal and strengthening ,surface treatment before spraying ,stone cutting of medium and small casting ,forgings,Heat-treated workpieces,steel plate,steel tube,and structure steel .
Cast Steel Grits G16
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