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2.0mm cut wire shot

  Product name:2.0mm cut wire shot

  Model NO.: Abrasive

  Application: Auto Parts

  Source: Artificial Abrasives

  Hardness: Superabrasive

  Transport Package: by Bag, Pallet

  Origin: China

  Artificial Abrasive Type: High Quality Metal

  Function: Surface Deburring

  Particle Size: Abrasive

  Trademark: Shengtian

  Specification: 0.30-3.17mm

  It is widely used in surface treatment such as descaling, burr removing, elimination of surface defects, internal stress relief, etching, matte finish, leveling, strengthening andrust prevention before applying in the metal die castings, precision castings, hardware & tools, machinery manufacturing, auto parts, instruments & meters, pumps and valves industries.

2.0mm cut wire shot
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