Stainless steel shot
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Stainless Steel Shot

  Cut Wire Shot is produced by cutting high quality wire into the form of cylinders with lengths approximately equal to the wire diameter. It’s available in cylinder and conditioned (spherical) shape.
 Wire Material   Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, Copper and Nickel Alloys
Standard  SAE J441, AMS 2431, DIN 8201, VDFI 8001, ISO 11124 , MIL-S-13165
 Application  Shot peening, blasting, tumbling & vibratory finishing
 Industry - automotive, aerospace, foundry & forge, energy, shipyard, railway, etc.
Advantages  High durability can reduce the production cost and time
 Stable working effect due to high consistency in size, density, and hardness
 No breakdown and less dust are better to the environment
 Reduce the maintenance cost for machines
 Fatigue life of work pieces would be increased by using conditioned shot
 Varieties of wire material and hardness can be selected to match the work piece

Stainless Steel  Shot
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